Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I need to be credentialed and authorized to use the web application?

Answer: In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, everyone, including the staff at MedInform, Inc., needs to be authorized to make requests and process requests. You will have access through a private portal once your application has been approved.

Question: Can anyone else see my requests or documents?

Answer: No, everything is completely secure. No one will be able to see your requests or information on the website. Even people from your organization will not be able to see your requests or information on the website.

Question: Can I get my documents if I do not sign up?

Answer: No, the new format for MedInform, Inc., Itemization Department, is strictly web-based. All the requests, questions regarding each request, payment, and receiving documents will be through encrypted email and only through the web application.

Question: What if I do not have a personal work email address?

Answer: Use a general email for the firm you work for or complete the Contact Us form and someone from the Itemization Department will contact you to make alternate arrangements.

Question: What if I work for an insurance company or a record data company and we have general email boxes?

Answer: Please complete the field in your registration where it asks if all responses should be sent to a different email address other than your personal work email address. When you make a request, please make sure you include your reference number or claim number for easy identification.

Question: Why do I have to retrieve the documents rather than MedInform, Inc. emailing them to me?

Answer: Standard email is not considered HIPAA compliant. To maintain compliance, we use encrypted email and a secure portal.

Question: Does each requestor have to be authorized and credentialed, or can a law firm or organization be credentialed?

Answer: Each person needs to be credentialed. However, if all contact will be through one email address, please put that email in your registration (see #3). Please be aware that someone needs to monitor that email in your organization because every communication the Itemization Statements staff sends will go to that email for every request. If your organization chooses this latter option, the designated person will be responsible for distributing all communications within your organization

Question: What if more than one person in my organization is working on a case and we both request documents?

Answer: The web application coming in 2016 will be able to identify duplicate requests based on certain criteria and will notify you of such.

Question: Do I have to pay for my records through the web application?

Answer: Yes. We have made it convenient to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover or you can pay by eCheck or PayPal. All transactions on the web application are secure utilizing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) & secure credit card processing through

Question: Can we get bills other than for Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Answer: The Itemization Department produces documents for any valid request. If there is a concern regarding any request, we will contact the requestor directly.

Question: Are there any limitations to the type of documents the Itemization Statements can produce?

Answer: The Itemization Department is not authorized to release any balances to anyone for any reason. Additionally, some bills for specific hospitals may not be available through the Itemization Statements. Itemization Statements only produces billing records. Please make a separate request to the hospital/physician for medical records. If there is a concern regarding any request, we will contact the requestor directly.


Question: Are there security measures in place to keep my information secure in the portal software?

Answer: Yes. Please see this document to see the security measures in place to keep your information secure.

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